Edwin Ortiz y La Mafia Del Guaguanco performing LIVE at the Portside in Old Town Summer Festival in Alexandria, VA on June 22, 2024 from 5pm to 6pm.

About The Band

Change In The Music Industry

The early 90's brought some fascinating changes to the music scene in the area. Dancers were educating themselves to the intricacies of salsa dance. Folks from all walks of life were learning not only the dance but also the music. This served to increase Orquesta La Romana's popularity and afforded the band the chance to play every night of the week. Washington, DC was becoming one of the TOP salsa cities in the world. People would travel from other cities such as New York and Chicago for the opportunity to dance with the great dance public in the area and experience its' LIVE SALSA music scene. It is during this time that Orquesta La Romana became the dancers choice for live entertainment. In 1992, Orquesta La Romana recorded its' first CD, Edwin Ortiz y Su Orquesta

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